02 April 2009

Tasty E-zine Riches Part - I


It’s common knowledge that information is power. When you are informed, then you are a force to recon with as far as any profitable venture is concerned. With the expansion and diversity of businesses and hobbyists into more and more specialized areas of endeavor, there is an increasing need for more information.

And newsletters are the high profit way to cash in on that market for specialized information.You can write and produce your own newsletter with a potential for high returns. Even a thousand subscribers can bring in impressive earnings.

There are no time-tested methods of making a newsletter successful, but if you investigate the market thoroughly, and are cautious in your moves, you can increase your online wealth month after month.

You don't have to be a famous business consultant or an insider on the stock market to produce a newsletter. There are many that cater to all types of sports, crafts, health, housing or money making.

The most significant aspect of creating a successful newsletter is the market. You need to research who will most likely subscribe. There are sound methods of testing the market so you can be sure to come out ahead and establish yourself in the field.

If you have a special interest that has a broad following, you might find that a newsletter will be readily accepted and flourish. What interests or hobbies have you been involved with that can make a lively income for you?

Just follow on with me these steps and carefully consider your market. There is no reason why you can't get into the newsletter business too – and profit from it!

Elements of a Good Newsletter

A good newsletter is a special timely report on a single subject; with high-quality content and a humble resource box at the end.

It is a personalized, concise statement from an expert or person thoroughly familiar with a specialized field. High quality, content-rich material with virtually no advertising is the key.

The specialized information in newsletters is current, and ideally cannot be found elsewhere. They are a logical extension to a trade or hobby.
Aimed at a select group, they often contain inside information in the field, hot tips, humorous anecdotes or news scoops.

Newsletters are not meant for the mass market. In fact, the average number of potential readers of newsletters in any one field is relatively small.

With all the print media and visual communications in this country, you might think there is a saturated market. And that is true when it comes to general interest mass market publications.

However, the need for specific information in highly specialized interests or fields is constantly increasing.

The focus of a good newsletter is success:
  • Success in business;
  • Success in hobbies;
  • Success in health and happiness...

The information contained in the newsletters should enthusiastically motivate readers to follow the advice.

Since there is a high standard of competition within every aspect of our modern life; people search for ways to be in the know, and use enjoy using that information effectively.

One of the reasons subscribers remain loyal is because they are receiving superior knowledge and what can be gained by it. If a newsletter saves a subscriber thousands of dollars via excellent advice, then it is well worth the subscriber to purchase from you!

People tend to go with what they know.

So if you win the trust of your subscribers by constantly delivering outstanding value, they will naturally equate that to your offerings and business ethics, as well.

What It Takes

You can start a newsletter by yourself: A desk at home, a computer, Open Office and a good list manager or auto-responder program/service are all the basic tools you need.

You don't need to invest a lot of money to begin a simple newsletter. You may need to put a little out for Web hosting and advertising to introduce your product.

An impressive amount of exposure can be had by deftly JV'ing (getting into Joint Ventures) with other complimentary publishers/List Masters. If your e-zine is truly quality information and your subscription list builds properly; you'll be able to earn back your initial investments quickly - with plenty left over.

Everything beyond that is pure net profit!

What To Write About

The topic you choose absolutely must be your ultimate interest.

You'll be living with it day in and day out for years, so you need to be passionately devoted to the subject.

Under normal circumstances, it's not hard. You probably already have a chosen field of endeavor, or have developed a keen interest in a special hobby or sport. Writing a newsletter is only one more way to demonstrate your vast knowledge and interest.

Study any newsletters within your interest you can find. You might want to talk to the publishers of a few to find out how they started and what troubles they encountered.

Consider JV'ing with them or paying them a consulting fee to help you get on your way. Take a look at all the trade magazines of the topic you'd like to work with.

Keep up with the current trends in health, money, sports, or social events and styles. What's new with the young people? Or the elderly? There are many retired people actively pursuing hundreds of various interests. How can you tap into that market?

Studying different publications and writing styles will inspire you in designing your own content. By and large, you will discover that you can actually write your own stuff. This will then attract a good readership - to your advantage.