10 October 2008


Are you a Big Picture Guy?

"The average customer visits their local Costco 22 times a year. The company has become one of the largest in the U.S., with 473 outlets and more than $50 billion in sales, and is also the largest membership warehouse club chain in the world. Its founder and CEO, Jim Sinegal, has been called the Sam Walton of the 21st century for his low-key style and seeming defiance of all things Wall Street. But, whether investors like him or not, America – and much of the rest of the world – has fallen in love with his discount depots.

When Sinegal’s college presented him with its Most Distinguished Alumnus award, the Costco founder was almost left speechless. “I’ve never been told I’m a most distinguished anything,” was all he could say. With his poor grades and lack of focus in high school, it is doubtful that Sinegal’s teachers ever thought he would amount to much. But, today, with a billion dollar corporation under his belt, Sinegal remains not only one of the most accomplished, but also one of the most admired and liked CEOs in the industry. How did this once reckless young boy become the success he is today?"