02 September 2008

What Motivates You To Blog, Just For Bucks?

Today I just want to come up close and personal. What motivates you to blog? Is it just for money or there are other reasons that drive you towards the blogosphere? It's good to have a honest and sincere personal self-examination on regular basis, so as to ensure you are on course. Everyone who is online at a given time is in search of a solution to a certain issue. For those who blog for money, it can be quite tricky as we often think that 100% of our readers only need more and more money. I beg to disagree with this notion as this is not usually the case.

As much as you are out there trying to make some extra bucks online, you should not stick to that line very religiously! Be somewhat flexible and get your readership something extra ('a good menu' of course). It's not a crime to have a slight diversion as long as you remain focussed in your online ventures. For instance, you could introduce a news letter or ezine about a particular subject matter and educate your audience. This works well especially from a professional angle. Just by way of example, if you are a high school teacher, you can begin an e-zine about good study habits in your blog. Now take this model and apply it in ANY field. Be it web design, home baby care, health services, name it. There is no telling of what your blogging experience can be! To say the least, this will act as a catalyst or lubricant if you like for your online undertakings. As long as you play your cards well, you will definitely see some good results. It's only a matter of time. If properly implemented, such value-added services can aid in placing you on top of your competition without much ado. This would in turn generate more subscribers (not to mention sales), and greatly help increase your online presence.

So simply put, your readers want just more than money. They need a wholesome combination of stuff that will make them feel like coming back again and again to your site - for 'another sip'. It doesn't happen overnight though, but the fruits are awesome. As a matter of fact, you will be surprised to know that some of your readers have more money in their wallets than they can spend, so what? Go a step further and educate them on how to invest (if you have the professional financial skills). Avail valuable information on wise spending habits, the best investment plans, or something related to that. We are in the Information Age so don't leave any stone unturned. That extra bit of information is what your readers need, so don't deny them. It's important to try and put yourself in your readers' shoes. Do your best to figure out what could benefit them as they interact with you online. Be solution oriented.

Consequently, everyone who comes across your blog/ site will certainly find it resourceful, exclusive and unique. They will appreciate the fact that they are not just being used as Guinea pigs trying one product to another on them! Since business and customer-relationships are inseparable. Progressively with time, this will eventually translate into more readership /traffic for your blog or site, because you are a solution provider and not a mare opportunity seeker. Needless to mention, you will stand out of the crowd and gain approval, since your blog will become not only irresistible, but an indispensable asset. Over to you.