20 August 2008

Social Networking Sites - Goldmine?

How To Make Money With Social Networking

Social networking sites are so powerful and full of potent than we ever imagined. There are millions around the world who simply make use social networks to earn a living. A few years ago, platforms like facebook and myspace were only known for social interactions. They are a part of what is called web 2.0. The trend has taken a new twist nonetheless. Such social networks, when properly utilized, can be leveraged and turned into online profits. These kind of sites are huge right now and ripe for you to make money online from.

YouTube is a great social site to make money online because people love to watching videos. Reading about something is a bit tedious at times, but having that same information given as a video makes it more 'palatable'. You just sit back and let the person who made the video feed you with the information of your choice. If given the same information in two different formats, one that has to be read and one that can be watched on a video, most people would prefer the video.

So knowing that you could use YouTube or some other video site to make a video telling about your product, service, newsletter or affiliate program and leave some way for the watchers to contact you at the end of the video.

This video is a must watch!

As a matter of fact, transacting with members of your social network becomes very easy, since a rapport is already established through your previous interactions. However this should be done within certain limits taking care not to undermine the TOS (Terms of Service), lest you abuse them. Needless to mention, sites like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Yuwie and other such sites are great for networking with people interested in certain niches. This makes it easy to have targeted audiences for your products. These sites also have clubs and groups that are niche- oriented making them a goldmine for most online marketers. For your information these social networking sites have thousands even millions of members you can market to. Most of these sites have groups or clubs you can become a member of smartly make your online sales. After all it's about working smart, what say you?