11 August 2008

Will Social Networking Come To A Sudden Halt?

It's amazing that no matter much we try to reach our personal peak-performance levels, we cannot go against the fundamental laws of nature. The aspect of interdependency in all aspects of human circles is certainly inevitable. Simply put, man is a social being. This can easily be evidenced by the rate at which the world has become a global village in recent years. Everyone longs for some sort of companionship and mutual acceptance, as nobody is an Island of their own. In the business world, business there or at least Joint Ventures (JVs).

This cannot be any different in the world of business, sports, entertainment or any other online undertaking. That's why there is an increasing number of online communities and social forums. This is where people with common interests and goals come together courtesy of the world wide web and share views and ideas. In the process, every participant (member) benefits from these online 'meeting places' - without any physical movement or change of location.

This then brings us to one important question. Will this culture of social-networking come to a sudden halt?

Well, in my humble opinion (IMHO), I beg to disagree with the critics who think that this will ever happen! Why? A simple answer would be, we are living in the Information Age. Even in companies and firms, there is a paradigm shift from manual workers to knowledge workers. People are much more informed now than they were a century ago. Knowledge has been a tool in the recent past to improve people's standards and their social interactions. Because of the increased technological breakthroughs and numerous innovations taking place at an unprecedented rate, the world is becoming smaller by the day - to the extent that you can literary hold it in the palm of your hand in the form of a mobile phone.

The idea of social networking is increasingly gaining momentum by the day. Just by way of example, a few years ago we were wondering how on earth a new software can be released into the market every three months. Nowadays, this is only a daily routine! In fact, some software vendors have thrown in the towel and have handed over to very enterprising young dudes in the Information Technology industry. That's how the idea of Open-Source software came into play. The I.T world is at the mercy of these vibrant talented razor-sharp minds. To them, coding, programing and designing of systems is like their first language! Just for your information, most of the forces to recon with as far as online expedition is concerned are the brain child of teenagers and young professionals.

As a result, social network sites/ communities and forums have become the platform on which one gets things done. Be it keeping in touch with family and friends, doing business, etc. The greatest advantage of associating yourself with social networks is the fact that you can attain a global online presence in no time. This comes in handy if you have a service or products you want to showcase to the public domain. For instance in a social Blog Network like Mybloglog.com, you get to meet so many bloggers that have similar interests and aspirations as yours. Within the network, we have communities that unite people with common interests e.g internet services, making money online, etc. Thus you are able to be sharpened by virtue of rubbing your mind with higher minds! Besides, you will be able to be on course and remain focused as you enjoy the spirit of sharing, team-work and mutual business partnerships. In fact, as civilization penetrates to the remotest parts of the world, more and more people will embrace the culture of online Social networking. It will be like taking a walk in the park.

Therefore since change has come it's upon us to embrace it and position our selves for better utilization of the opportunities it brings with it. Good rationale dictates that it's impossible to wish the Internet away. Just like the concept of E-commerce. It has now dawned on many people worldwide that online trading is as real as a shadow and here to stay. This has clearly been revealed by the likes of Amazon.com, Ebay.com, Clickbank.com among others. Not to mention the trillions of dollars traded daily on the world's online Forex Markets. Bear in mind that not all the millions of people online are transacting at a given time. So if not all of them are online for trading purposes, where do they 'hang out'? It wouldn't require a rocket scientist to decipher! Just like these e-commerce giants are here to stay, SNS (Social Network Sites) will only increase in popularity and usage with time - Just like you can't wish away the Internet, it's my strong conviction that Social Network Sites cannot be ignored either.